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Developing an Evaluation Tool of RFID-based Traceability Systems

Recently, traceability systems are introduced as a new food safety information
system. To trace food products efficiently, they must have an automatic
identification capability at the individual product level. This capability can be
gained through RFID technology. But there is not yet any performance
evaluation tool on RFID based traceability systems (RFID TS). This study
developed an evaluation tool of RFID TS. To develop the tool, this study
considered the objective and the components of RFID TS as their performance
constructs. According to Churchill s paradigm, the tool was established through
two stages. The final evaluation tool consisted of four constructs (risk,
operational benefits, IS (information system), and network) and nine sub
constructs. Among the four constructs, risk and IS were found as the most
important performance constructs through regression analysis. Among the nine
sub constructs, service (which belonged to the IS construct) and economic risk
(which belonged to the risk construct) were found as the most important
performance sub constructs.