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A Strategic Approach for Regional Fisheries Organization Establishment in Northeast Asia

This study considers an approach for subregional fisheries organization in Northeast Asia. The fisheryresources in the Northeast Asian waters surrounding Korea are among the most productive in the worldbecause of their extremely high biological productivity and the natural features of the sea. However, thefishery resources of the region have long been subject to heavy fishing pressures, and many stocks are nowbelieved to be seriously depleted or even in danger of extinction because of overfishing. To move to a runsustainable fishery in Northeast Asia waters area, cooperative fisheries management between Korea, Chinaand Japan for common resource is probably necessary. Cooperative fisheries management is likely to bemore effective in fishery resources management than individual fisheries management by countries. Theeffects of fisheries management by regional cooperation can be divided into resource management andeconomical performance. Cooperative fisheries management as RFO will bring satisfactory results.Currently these jurisdictional extensions and resulting disputes over maritime space and resources werethrust upon an already transitional and unstable political environment. However, They have to have astrategic approach for RFO establishment step by step. Cooperative fisheries management using the RFOcan mitigate these disputes, and cooperative bilateral fisheries arrangements have been proliferating over thepast 10 years and may provide the basis for possible trust-building multilateral agreements.